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Chapter “Challenges of Volcanic Crises on Small Islands States"

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Figure 4 (high resolution), Chapter “Challenges of Volcanic Crises on Small Islands States”, J-C. Komorowski, J. Morin, S. Jenkins and I. Kelman (2016). Advs in Volcanology, DOI : 10.1007/11157_2015_15, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Legend : Main components in the official schedule of the local volcano observatory team during the May 2006 eruption of Karthala (translated from Morin 2012). Due to the multiple and constant internal and external interactions of the six people involved in the May 2006 crisis management at OVK, it is estimated that 30–40 % of official meetings were not listed. Otherwise this register does not include exchanges with the officials who came to enquire personally about the situation, nor the constant calls received by the OVK team from inhabitants requesting or offering information. This ‘informal’ trade is a flow roughly equivalent to the ‘formal’ one.